Feb 26, 2013

Fine Art exhibition shoot - 'Absence'.

A few weeks ago I took some catalog and publicity shots for MFA student Amie Tarr. The exhibition 'Absence', was a one night only affair at the now nonoperational Grahamstown railway station.

'Absence' references the Blaaukraantz Bridge disaster by means of a site-specific installation, comprising sculptures in clay, porcelain and concrete; drawings and text in clay slip; and sensory elements such as sound and smell.

On the 22nd of April 1911 a train was travelling from Port Alfred to Grahamstown, transporting five carts of sandstone, one cart of pineapples and four carriages containing fifty0five passengers. As the train rounded a corner en route for the Blaaukraantz Bridge, the fourth stone truck derailed, causing the rear of the train to plummet to the bottom of the gorge. Twenty-nine of the fifty-five passengers died amongst the train wreckage, stone and pulped fruit. 

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