Feb 9, 2015

Picture a Week (PAW): Wk3: Blew Moon

A full moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean found me in search of high ground to photograph its rotundness. I was late and battled boringly tall buildings and distracting overheads. I eventually decided to cut my loses and go with simplicity. This, I find, is a great approach when there is a bit of pressure (time/deadlines, whatever). I liked the result and used a tungsten white balance setting to bring in more blues. Keeping to an 'auto' white balance (AWB) would have introduced a yellow caste, a colour I wanted to keep for the moon.

Picture a Week (PAW): Wk4: Blew Moon. Canon EOS 7D. Tamron  70-200mm @ 200mm. ISO  200. F/11 @0,7sec. WB set to 'tungsten' Exp Comp -2.

1 comment:

  1. The colour constrast (simultaneous constrast) is awesome. I love the simplicity in this shot. It would make a great print I think.