May 22, 2013

Runner's World - Rave Run article June 2013 edition

A few months ago, towards the beginning of the year (that is how these things tend to work) I shot and wrote an article for leading South African running magazine Runner's World. It was a follow up on a rave run I had done on a trail run over what is called the Oldenburgia Trail. The article runs as a double page spread with a textual overlay.

Below are the two images they used, and below that are a few more that they didn't. And after all the images there is the text from the article, posted with permission of Runner's World.

RAVE RUN: Grahamstown and Campus
Photographs and Text: Paul Greenway


GPS Locations
Somerset Street, New Street intersection: 33°18.40’90”S; 26°31.15’.55”E
Drostdy Arch on Somerset Street: 33°18.45’70”S; 26°31.18’.73”E
1820 Settler’s Monument off Lucas Avenue: 33°19.06’55”S; 26°.31’07.50”E.

Mostly an easy road run with some paved pathways and a few steps. It is difficult to go anywhere in Grahamstown without finding a hill but this route draws in panoramic town and campus views as well as historic landmarks and points of interest. Take time to stop, stretch and absorb if you can.

The figure of eight configuration means that you can enter anywhere along the route but a good place to start is by the Drama department at the entrance to the Rhodes University’s campus. A drive up to the 1820 Settler’s Monument, adjacent to the historic Fort Selwyn is also a great place to begin but you will finish on a steep ascent. Take in entire town views as you catch your breath. 

The entire route is about 5.2km, with a ‘town’ loop of 2.2km and a campus circuit, incorporating Fort Selwyn and the 1820 Settler’s Monument, making up the rest.

The Experience
Grahamstown is seeped in history from academia to architecture. Firm footing means you can run with your head held high taking in the sights. Somerset Street roughly demarcates campus to the south west from town to the north east.  
Dawdle past the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint George, originally built between 1824-30, which has the tallest cathedral spire in South Africa. On Somerset Street turn left through the Drostdy Arch and up along Centenary Walk. This used to be the old colonial parade ground but now leads you up to the ivory tower of Rhodes’ main administration building. Artillery Road takes you through campus then onto a cardiac climb that ends at the 1820 Settler Monument. Its downhill from there and past the Old Provost panoptic prison, then through the botanical gardens. The gardens were the first of their kind established by the British in the Cape Colony, in 1853. Break left down the brick path and over the wooden bridge to reach Grey Street then back onto Somerset for an easy downhill finish past the two Albany Museums.

Best Time to Run
Any out-of-term time will afford quiet streets. If the students are in, expect much more activity but seldom congestion. Grahamstonians have never heard of a rush hour, though African Street can get busy as can Hill Street. But if you wait only a few minutes the traffic scuttle will be over.

The town is awash with great refueling stops but don’t punish yourself by not going to Red Café on High Street for their awesome light lunch options and artistic atmosphere. Café Delizzia and Café D’Vine always deliver on fine food with great health options too. Revelations, in Peppergrove Mall, is a must for glorious coffee and cakes from heaven.

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