Feb 23, 2015

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. Fellowship Orientation in Grahamstown.

I have photographed a number of times for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and it must be said they are the most stimulating and rewarding events to take part in. Allan Gray Orbis invests hugely in "bright young minds", individuals that they glean from across Southern Africa and then groom through a complimentary academic programme that is as intense as their selection process.

What a pleasure to be surround by the cream of South Africa's brightest, most enthusiastic and progressive thinkers. So powerful is the programme and so powerful are the people that I found myself uplifted, empowered and above all, hopeful for the future of South Africa. And all this amidst a now all too common session of "load shedding".

This event saw Allan Gray Orbis fellows from the Eastern Cape all gathering under one roof at Rhodes University for their 2015 orientation. A progressive, creative and entrepreneurial mindset is key and this event saw the likes of Tshepo Phakathi, CEO of Phakathi Holdings, and Mashudu Madzhie, Director at Solidaire Construction and Elspeth Donovan from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership exchanging with the fellows.

Tshepo Phakathi, CEO of Phakathi Holdings

Elspeth Donovan from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

And this why Allan Gray Orbis is so exciting, there are no motivational, vertical 'addressings'. But there are plenty of more powerful, horizontal exchanges. Ideas, concepts, strategies and experiences are traded alongside motivation, encouragement and inspiration - a process of inevitable positive outcomes.

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