Feb 9, 2015

Picture a Week (PAW): Wk 4: Reflecting a Silent Synagogue

Two things always exert an existential pull upon me whenever I pass them by. In no particular order they are graveyards and places of worship. They both centre on souls and because of this I always feel a sense for the lost. This synagogue in Grahamstown is now used by a group of lawyers and notaries. I don't know when its worship stopped but a severed gravestone leant against the wall was for a woman buried in 1953, forty years after the place was consecrated. There was no other reflection of the past.

Picture a Week (PAW): Wk 4: Reflecting a Silent Synagogue. Canon EOS 7D. Tamron 24-70mm @ 24mm. ISO 400. F/6.7 @ 1/30th

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